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guy from manchester on plumbing course

Learner Reviews

The standard of instruction is excellent. The college is well resourced and accommodating of student requirements. Theory of various systems and hands on practical all very, very good.
Mr Stone, Plumbing Course
You are welcome to visit our centre at any time to see one of our excellent plumbing courses in action and see the brilliant work our students will be doing and have a chat to them about what they think of the course.


Selection of courses available

££500 / £995inc VAT
  • Regular Start Dates

Benefits of attending our plumbing courses

  • You will learn to complete plumbing jobs. We are confident in our success in your success. This is helped by the fact you are taught by very experienced gas safe plumbing and heating engineers.
  • You will be fully supported after you have completed your plumbing course so that you are confident in using your plumbing skills to complete work. We have supported many people like yourself to change careers and use their new skills. You will receive contact details of your tutor who will be at the end of a phone line or email to help with any questions. There is no need to visit a forum for the answers, speak to a real person who knows the trade.
  • You will have all tools and materials provided throughout your plumbing course so you don’t need to buy/provide anything.
  • Your plumbing course is held at a training centre which is approved accredited by City & Guilds, CITB/Cskills, BPEC, NOCN, TTA, MATRIX and is registered on the National Career Service website.
  • You will have free access to business start-up support. This is available during and after attending your plumbing course.
  • You will feel proud of what you have achieved, that you did it.
City & Guilds Courses
… very good trade practices are being taught & demonstrated by the centre staff & fully supported by very good theory being taught to the candidates … the quality of the candidates work continues to be at a high level which will certainly help any candidate seeking full time employment in the construction industry, well done to all candidates & centre staff.

You are Taught by Experienced Tradespeople.

Our plumbing courses are intensive but taught in a relaxed, friendly and professional manner by experienced plumbers who are approved by City & Guilds.  We will fully support you when you finish your training course so you will be confident using your new found skills.  After completing any plumbing training with us you are able to call into the centre or contact your tutor directly to discuss anything that you covered on your course.

Regular Start Dates.

We have plumbing courses starting throughout the year and Saturday courses also available.  Please feel free to contact Donna on 01782 837007 or via or and she will work with you to plan dates.

More Training for your Money.

Quality classroom time, lots of tools in hands time.  Although our plumbing courses are short they are very intensive and you will be in the workshop completing practical plumbing on day 1.  The only way you are going to learn to complete practical tasks is by completing the tasks yourself.  It is one thing having the practical skills though it is another having the theory to complete them properly.   Therefore during your training you will spend quality time in the classroom learning the theory you need to succeed.

It is also important when completing a plumbing course that you are using a range of tools and materials and not just pushfit plastic.  You gain confidence by using the correct materials.

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Using the property development skills taught during my time at the Construction Skills College enabled me to completely renovate a damp, mouldy and unloved property into a contemporary family home.

Completing all the plumbing, tiling, bathroom fitting, minor structural works and decorating myself, the College gave me the confidence and practical know-how to work beyond the course content.

This was down to the professionalism and dedication of the instructors who devoted their time to ensure everyone developed at their own pace whilst stretching those with a particular skill.

Now on the market and with the first viewings this week, I am expecting to make a £20,000 profit for my 3 months renovation work. This profit and equity from the sale will be funding my next purchase so onwards and upwards

Simon Day, Plumbing and other courses
guy from manchester working on a heating system during on of our plumbing courses
Learning to plumb on one of our courses in stoke
gent from south shields on a plumbing course
plumbing bays on plumbing courses held in stoke-on-trent
guy from liverpool installing a shower on one of our plumbing courses

We are confident in your success.

We have many many years experience re-training people who are looking at learning a new skill to change careers. We have been selected for two visits from MP’s due to the work we have done retraining people facing redundancy and we have contracts with MoD, B&Q + have MATRIX accreditation and approval from a number of awarding bodies. We know what we are doing and we know what you can do

guy from kent fitting a shower on one of our plumbing courses in stoke
guy from manchester working on a heating system during one of our plumbing courses

More about us and our plumbing courses.

Our plumbing training courses are ideal if you wish to learn to complete a range of plumbing tasks.  The courses have been designed by experienced and qualified plumbing and heating engineers to give you knowledge, skills and confidence to complete plumbing jobs after finishing your course.

Our plumbing courses are intensive but taught in a relaxed, friendly and professional manner.  Our tutors are experienced plumbers who are approved by City & Guilds.  We will fully support you when you finish your course so you will be confident using your new found skills.   After completing any plumbing training with us you are able to call into the centre or contact your tutor directly.

As you will see from the photographs contained within the course descriptions, the training bays used on our plumbing courses are of a realistic size.   We offer courses to suit your needs should that be to learn plumbing to complete work at home or to learn plumbing so as to earn an income.   Accredited certificate are also available.

We are based in the Midlands and close to major motorways, train stations and airports. Local accommodation is available at a reduced rate and we can advice and/or arrange this if you wish. People not only travel from throughout the UK, including; Manchester, Kent, South Shields, Liverpool, North East, Portsmouth, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Scotland, North Wales, Leeds, Derby, West Midlands, Bristol and the North West to attend our courses.   But we have had people fly in from Ireland, France, Spain, Canary Islands, Germany and Australia. We are definitely worth travelling to – you are investing in your future.

Our training centre in Stoke-on-Trent has approx 10,000 square feet of purpose built training facilities and our centre in Wolverhampton is approx 3,000 square feet.

The courses on offer are ideal to help you achieve your aims be they:

  • You may be an experienced trades person wishing to add new skills to your portfolio or needing to achieve relevant qualifications, or
  • You may be interested in a career change or wish to earn an additional income and have no previous experience, or
  • You may be facing redundancy and need to re-train to start a new career, or
  • You may be part of an organisation who wish to train their staff to increase confidence and build a multi skilled workforce, or
  • You wish to learn a trade to enable you to complete work of a high standard on your own property or for family members.

If you want to learn to be a plumber contact us or pop into our centre to speak with tutor and students.