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I have always wanted to learn a new skill like the ones detailed in your courses, but I’ve never completed this type of work before. Are their courses suitable?2015-04-08T00:26:37+01:00

Our 5 and 10 day courses in plastering, plumbing, tiling, joinery, kitchen fitting, painting and decorating and foundation electrical are aimed at people with none or very little experience and are aimed at teaching people new skills and the majority of people that attend the courses have never had any experience in that line of work before. Everyone on the course has their own training area and therefore you can work at your own pace throughout the course and the ongoing advice and guidance will be to suit each individual.

If for any reason you struggle with an element of the course we will give you extra time at no extra cost to enable you to reach the standard we expect.

After completing our courses a high number of our attendees have used the skills they have learnt to either complete work on their own property, or for family and friends and/or are either working self employed on either a part time or full time basis. A number have also gained employment in their trade of choice after completing training at our centres.

Attendees on our courses are all in a similar situation and the age range of attendees is from early 20’s to late 50’s. Our courses are attended by both men and women.

Class sizes are kept small with no more than 10 attendees on each course and all attendees are on a course by their own choice and want to learn, so you have no worries of training in a bay next to someone who has been sent on a course.

Will I become a fully qualified plumber, plasterer, tiler, painter and decorator, etc after completing the course? WILL I EARN £50,000+ A YEAR AS SOME COMPANIES STATE?2017-01-28T19:45:48+00:00

No, and if anywhere offering courses state that you will be then you should be wary of them. Our courses are aimed at giving people a start in the respective trades by teaching them the basic skills required and enabling them to practice what they have been taught in a realistic setting to increase their confidence. After completing our courses you will be able to carry out work to a high standard, although technically you are not a fully qualified trades person as you have not achieved all of the available qualifications related to that trade. For example, just because you attend and pass the Domestic Electrical Installers course including Part P it does not mean that you are a fully qualified electrician.

We do have a large number of people who complete paid work after completing a course and a number have become full time trades people but you need to be realistic on future earnings especially in the first period of working for yourself.

What are the costs of the construction courses?2015-04-08T00:27:59+01:00

All of our construction courses are individually priced and this price is shown within the description of each course.

All tools and materials are provided throughout your training.

Free tea and coffee is available at no cost.

Free parking is available on site.

Someone I know has attended a similar course at a different training school and they weren’t happy with the course. I’m worried that I might be wasting my money. How do I know I’m not?2017-01-28T19:45:48+00:00

Unfortunately, there are courses offered by centres that don’t operate to the same high standards and levels of quality that we do. We recommend you visit our training centre while a course is running so you can discuss its content with both the tutors and students, and you can see the facility for yourself. We’ve had very positive feedback from our students to date which we’ve kept record of, and you’re welcome to read over their comments as well.

Since we’re accredited by a number of awarding bodies, such as CITB, City & Guilds, NOCN, OCR, TTA, Open Awards, Open College Network West Midlands and BPEC, we are regularly assessed so our quality remains high.

Please note that we are not associated with any other training centre, we only have two centres, one in Willenhall Nr. Wolverhampton and one in Stoke-on-Trent.

Be aware of training centres that do not provide written details of their courses with all costs clearly printed or training centres that arrange for people to visit you in your home. We advise that you view all training centres in person and speak with the course tutors and students that are on the courses.

Is it possible to learn so much in 10 days?2015-04-08T00:32:53+01:00

Yes, because the courses that we offer have been designed so that you are always busy throughout the course with minimum breaks.

We also don’t try to cover too many areas in each course. We would rather you achieve a high standard in the key areas through practice. For those who wish to learn more areas of a trade or want to practice further then we do offer courses of a longer duration.

NOTE: If you are still unsure of the level you will achieve then please visit the training centre towards the end of a course to see yourself what is possible. You will be impressed by what you can and will achieve.

I have ELC funding available, are your courses NVQ Level 3 qualifications?2015-04-08T00:35:44+01:00

No our ELC / ELCAS courses are not NVQ level 3 qualifications.

The course packages we offer have been approved for ELC funding and the certificates are issued by an awarding body at a level 3 but these certificates are classed as customised units and not NVQ Level 3 qualifications.

If you have any questions please contact us on 01782 837007.