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Learner Reviews

Friendly, good work areas and loads of practical training. Cannot identify the most interesting, as a whole the course was interesting and useful, seeing the end product and getting feedback on ways to improve was the most rewarding. Great course, really enjoyable – thank you.
Darren Gotheridge, Carpentry Course
You are welcome to visit our centre at any time to see one of our excellent carpentry courses in action and see the brilliant carpentry work our students will be doing and have a chat to them about what they think of the course.

10 Day Site Carpentry Course Information

This course is currently only available as part of an ELC funded package.  We are able to add your details to a reserve list and contact you should we have any cancellations.

This 10 day carpentry course is aimed at giving you the skills to complete a number of first and second fix site carpentry jobs such as building stud walls at different angles and with openings, install door frames and hanging doors including fixing all furniture, boxing in pipework, building and fixing meter boxes, cutting and fixing skirting and architrave, building a window sill and installing laminate flooring.

This carpentry course, as with all our training courses, is intensive and aimed at providing you with as much quality training as possible in the time you are at the centre, therefore you will spend every hour of every day learning and practicing.

This carpentry course is practical based and classroom time is kept to a minimum.

Spaces are limited to 10 people on a course at any one time and each person will have all tools and materials provided.

The aim of this course is for you to be able to price and complete a number of carpentry jobs to a high standard so that you can charge customers and be satisfied of a job well done.

During the course you will plan and prepare for all tasks including building stud walls with openings, install door frames into new walls, hang a door, fix door furniture, box in pipework and build and fix meter boxes, cut and fix skirting boards and architrave and install laminate flooring.

You are taught by an experienced joiner / kitchen fitter who has over 20 years experience and who is still on the tools – we teach you to earn money after the course.  During this course you will complete the following to a high standard:

  • Correct use of hand and power tools used within carpentry so that you are confident in using them which will improve the quality of your work and the reduce the time it takes to complete jobs.
  • Materials – understand the different materials used within site carpentry – where and why they are used, how to install and maintain.
  • Build stud walls leaving a window opening and door opening.
  • Install a door lining into a new stud wall – once you have built the stud wall you will install a door frame.
  • Install untrenched door linings.
  • Hang a door into the new door frame.
  • Fix door furniture including hinges, handles, tubular notice latch.
  • Install sash lock.
  • Hang a door into an existing frame which is not plumb, straight.
  • Cut and fix architrave.
  • Cut and fix skirting boards to various angles.
  • Make and fit an internal window board/sill.
  • Make and fit pipe boxing.
  • Make and fit 2 different sized meter boxes.
  • Fit laminate flooring.
  • Understanding the different methods used to price jobs, dealing with customers and overcoming problems that may arise. You will also be provided with support after completing your course and you are able to contact your tutor by email, phone or call into the training centre to discuss your queries related to quoting for work.
  • Fully answer all your questions related to the trade, you are taught by experienced tradesmen with a passion for the trade, ask as many questions as you wish during the course. You will never hear anyone say ‘We don’t cover that on this course’ we employ experts in each field so they are able to answer all your questions.
  • Full support after completing your course.  If you have any questions relating to anything that you have covered on your course you are free to contact your tutor or the centre, by telephone, by text message, by Whatsapp, by email or by calling into the centre. There is no charge for this and you can call at anytime in the future.

This carpentry course is designed for people with little or no previous experience in first and second fix carpentry and is attended by people of all ages, and both male and female. The usual age range of people attending our plastering courses is mid twenties to mid fifties although the youngest person to attend a course at our centre was 18 and the oldest was 72 years old.

Our carpentry courses are suitable for people who wish to learn a new trade so they can change their career, for existing tradespeople to learn additional skills, for people who wish to learn the skills to complete carpentry work on their own properties and for people who wish to learn a trade to supplement their income.

If you are unsure if the course is suitable please visit the our centre when a carpentry course is running to speak with both staff and students. If you are unable to visit our centre we can arrange for our tutor to give you a call.

Our carpentry courses are taught by an experienced carpenter/kitchen fitter who has over 26 years experience in the trade.

All tutors will give you their contact details so if you have any questions after completing our courses you can just give us a call.

So if you are wanting to change jobs and learn a trade at a centre where they know what they are doing and will help you succeed give us a call.

Support provided when choosing a course

We will provide you with as much information, advice and guidance as we possibly can and if we are not able to offer you the course that best suits your needs or give you the information you require we will signpost you to somewhere that is able to.  We do not pressure you to book onto any course and if we feel that you would be better suited to a course we do not offer then we will give you the contact information of a college that does.

Hopefully the majority of the information you require is available on this website but if you have any questions at all then please contact us and we will help in any way we can.

We would like to invite you to attend the training centre at any time to view the facilities and discuss the course with both the tutors and current learners.  We suggest if possible that you visit our centre towards the end of a course as people in general are always happy at the beginning of training and you want to make sure that they are as happy at the end of the course.  When you visit you will be free to discuss the course with current learners on a 1-to-1 basis, if someone has paid good money or used limited funding to attend a course and they are not happy they will definitely tell you. If you visit towards the end of a course you will also be able to see the standard that everyone on the course has achieved.

One of the most popular comments we receive on questionnaires is that people did not expect to reach the high standard that they do on a course, it is also one of the most popular negative comments that we receive by people who are not aware of what we offer as they will say ‘you won’t be any good after 10 days’, if you yourself are unsure then why not pop down for a pressure free look around.

During Training

During your time with us every member of staff will do their best to help you achieve your aims. You will be provided with supporting literature relating to your trade and have access to further reading to research the trade further in your own time.

If you struggle on any element of the course then we will provide additional training at no extra cost to ensure that you reach the required standard.

If you have any learning difficulties or disabilities or have any physical difficulties or disabilities then we will support you throughout and this additional support will remain between the centre and the individual. The majority of the training courses are practical based but if you do have any concerns then please contact the centre.

We will also provide you with additional IAG relating to progression routes available after completing the course including further training, finding employment and starting to work for yourself. Whilst on a course please contact a member of staff if you require any further in information.

Whilst you are at the centre there may be other courses running so if you have any questions relating to another trade please feel free to speak to the relevant tutor – they are all here to help you.

After Training

We will continue supporting you after you have completed a course with us and you can contact us either by email, phone or in person to discuss any aspects that you covered on your course.  For example you may wish to contact us to clarify how to complete a job or how to price a job or maybe to ask for information on writing a business plan.

Your tutors will give you their contact telephone numbers and email address so if you have any questions at all you can give them a call.  It is invaluable to have this continuous support available and will give you the confidence to complete work away from the centre.

The commitment to putting the needs of learners at the heart of everything the service does was demonstrated in the ways support is provided. Extract from Matrix Assessment Report

This course is currently only available as part of an ELC funded package.  We can add your details to our reserve list and contact you should we get any cancellations.

10 Days in duration, from 9am until 4:30pm at our centre based in Stoke-on-Trent.  Please arrive at the training centre at least 15 minutes before the course start time.

The cost of this carpentry course is £995 INC VAT. You only need to bring yourself, work clothes and footwear and your lunch, we will provide everything else.

We ask for a non-refundable deposit of £150 to secure your place on this course and full payment as per booking terms and conditions.

You can pay for this carpentry course either via bank transfer, debit or credit card.

If you have ELC funding available due to leaving the armed forces please contact us as we have specific ELC approved courses available.

Our training centre is based in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST6 2DJ.  We have no other training centres anywhere else in the UK and we are not associated with any other training providers.

There are several hotels and B&Bs within 5/10 miles of our training centre.

Below is feedback from people who have attended our carpentry courses.  All feedback forms from everyone who completes our courses are available at the centre.

Friendly and knowledgeable instructors. Also the courses are not packed full of students so more time for 1-1 help and tutoring. David Arthur, Carpentry course,

Excellent learning environment, excellent teacher, friendly atmosphere. Paul Macari, Carpentry course,

It was very hands-on, intensive and rewarding. David Bevington, Carpentry course,

I found all of the course useful and will be using the skills when I start renovating properties. Barry Marshallsay, Carpentry course,

The most useful/interesting part of the course was learning the correct way to use the tools which allows you to be more time efficient and produce a better quality finish of work. Ben Mountford, Carpentry Course,

Friendly, good work areas and loads of practical training. Cannot identify the most interesting, as a whole the course was interesting and useful, seeing the end product and getting feedback on ways to improve was the most rewarding. Great course, really enjoyable – thank you. Darren Gotheridge, Carpentry Course,

Good working & training environment with knowledgeable instructors. Thanks yet again for a fantastic course. Mr Richardson, Carpentry Course,

I liked the professionalism of the college and really enjoyed all hand skills, chisel use in particular. Learning ‘tricks of the trade’. Greg Elliott, Carpentry Course,

The standard of tutors is excellent and the facilities are very good. The courses are good value for money. Andrew Tibbetts, Carpentry Course,

If you wish to book onto a carpentry course please contact us either via email at or call 01782 837007.

Our courses are very popular and book up quickly and as we only have 10 spaces on each course the course dates below maybe full before we have time to update this website.  Also it is worth noting that as we are flexible with customers, we do allow them to change course dates and so spaces may become available before we have had time to update the website.  It is worth adding your details to our reserve list as we will contact people on the list first to offer new spaces.  To be added to our reserve list, email your contact details to

Start Date
April 11th 2022 – 2 spaces available
May 23rd 2022 – full, reserve list available
July 4th 2022 – full, reserve list available
August 15th 2022 – full, reserve list available
September 26th 2022 – full, reserve list available
November 7th 2022 – full, reserve list available
November 21st 2022 – full, reserve list available
January 16th 2023
February 27th 2023
April 10th 2023
May 22nd 2023
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10 Day Carpentry Course

££995inc VAT
  • Regular Start Dates

Why choose one of our carpentry courses

As a training centre which is accredited by City & Guilds, NOCN/Cskills, TTA, MATRIX and is registered on the National Career Service website you will be confident that you are attending a carpentry course at a centre that has the learners interests at heart.  Our course are designed by experienced carpenters who have been in the trade for 26+ years and are still on the tools.  This ensures that you are taught the skills you need to complete work to satisfy your customers.  Reasons why we are the best choice for carpentry training are:

  • You will be taught by experienced tutors who are still on the tools and who have a passion for passing on their skills throughout this carpentry course.
  • You will be fully supported after you have completed your carpentry course so that you are confident in using your trade skills to complete work.   We have supported many people like yourself to change careers and use their new skills.
  • Our carpentry courses are very intensive, very practical based and very rewarding.  You will be amazed at how much you will learn in the time you are with us and that is because Construction Skills College have been doing this for over 15 years and our tutors have many, many more years experience than this in the trades.

Our other Carpentry Courses

During the course you will plan and prepare for all tasks including building stud walls with openings, install door frames into new walls, hang a door, fix door furniture, box in pipework and build and fix meter boxes, cut and fix skirting boards and architrave, build a window board and install laminate flooring.
During this 10 day kitchen fitting course you will complete the full process from planning kitchen layouts to installing a kitchen including base units, wall units and larder units, fitting cornice/pelmet and plinth and the all important worktop cuts including cutting out for a sink and cooker hob and completing the required mitre cuts (secret joints) and finish with with worktop edging.
This is an ideal course for those who wish to learn the trades to complete full projects. This multi-skilled course includes 10 days training in carpentry, 10 days training in kitchen fitting and 10 days training in plastering. Other trades available are plumbing and heating, wall and floor tiling, rendering and bricklaying.

Upon completion of this training you can complete each trade individually or together to complete projects such as kitchen installations. This course can be completed in a 6 week block or split into 3 x 2 week blocks.

We are confident in your success.

We have many many years experience re-training people who are looking at learning a new skill to change careers. We have been selected for two visits from MP’s due to the work we have done retraining people facing redundancy and we have contracts with MoD, B&Q + have MATRIX accreditation and approval from a number of awarding bodies. We know what we are doing and we know what you can do