Construction Skills College Customer Feedback

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Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is very important to us at Construction Skills College.  Not only do we ask for feedback from every single learner who attends one of our courses we also read every persons feedback immediately and review all comments made.

It is from listening to our customers and acting on their suggestions that we are able to deliver such excellent training.  We have a page on this website titled “You Said – We Did” which highlights some of the improvements we have made to our centre and the courses we deliver.

Customer feedback also gives you confidence in the courses we deliver as other people who have invested their time and money to attend our courses speak very highly of them.

Below are comments we have receive about our courses.  We will keep our Facebook page updated with comments from courses.  All feedback form are available to view at our centre.

Dear Dave and Donna,

Just a few lines to say thankyou, and offer some positive feedback for the 2 week plastering course I attended .

To be completeley honest I did not know what to expect from ‘Constructions Skills College’ as I’ve always attended large colleges running courses over longer periods, so this was my first experience of short, intense learning. I also taught at a large college in Lincolnshire for a number of years, so would be the first to admit that I was used to things being done in a certain way in terms of facilities, administration and student support.

However from the moment I walked through the Door I’ve got to say I was more than a little suprised at what an excellent set up you have obviously worked hard to create there.

Firstly the facilities , administration and general set up of the college is brilliant with no quibbles about materials being used whilst your’e on the course (within reason).

From the outset ‘Howard’ our lecturer sat us down and offered his full attention and support explaining that even after the course he would be available by phone or email to answer questions and give ongoing advice, and true to his word he has already done this on several occasions. This for me is very refreshing, incredibly helpful and again, to be completey honest something that facilitators in larger colleges struggle to achieve. He also raised my admittedly fairly low expectations, and helped me achieve far more than I would have thought possible on a two week course. All done in a ‘firm but un-offensive way’, when needed to ‘get our backsides moving’. As an ex teacher I know this is quiet a difficult thing to do, but his obvious experience and skill immediatley instilled trust and even though It was one of the most intense courses I’ve done, he helped to make it a very enjoyable and positive experience.

The whole atmosphere seemed friendly but focused at the college, and I soon realised having been given the chance to spectate on other courses being taught, that the staff at your college are very experienced at giving students the best opportunity possible to attain good skills in a short period of time.

I am very grateful to the ‘Royal British Legion’ who funded my course, Travel and accomodation, and I am now looking into raising my own funding so I can book onto your two week tiling course. I am also more than happy to recommend you to anyone else looking into a good, sound trade training.

Sorry if this email has gone on a bit but credit where credits due! and thankyou once again, wishing you every success with all your courses in the future,

Kind regards
Adrian Cowdroy, Kendal, Cumbria

Hi David and Donna,

I recently completed 6 weeks training at the college, which included Plumbing, Tiling and Plastering. I just wanted to say thank you for everything. Donna you were so helpful in the early days of me booking and organising my course. Unfortunately the Army was not very helpful but you advised me on how a should go about things and it all worked out in the end thanks to your knowledge. David, you run a pretty tight ship, always cutting around the centre, ensuring all was going well and making sure the college was always providing. You were very professional, and the biscuits were a nice touch!

I can’t thank the instructors enough for their help and support. They really are a credit to the college. Steve, John, Howard and Paul are all fantastic blokes, excellent at their jobs. Always on hand to help or answer questions and always giving constructive feedback, which is a real confidence booster.
I have already passed on my recommendations to many of my fellow service leavers and I have no doubt they will be joining you soon.   I really hope to return in the future to complete a carpentry course with you but for now I will be getting stuck in with my new skills.

Thank you once again to you all.  Regards, Dean Hopper.

Very knowledgeable staff who take time to make sure you understand everything.  The most interesting/useful part of the training course was learning about the setting out process needed before starting a tiling job and the correct method of tiling.  Gareth Dale from Cumbria

Nothing was too much trouble to be sorted and staff would go out of their way to support any requirements.  Gained confidence in producing high standards of workmanship using all tools available.  Wayne Codd from Lincolnshire

The most interesting/useful part was the practical/hands-on experience.  Good learning atmosphere.  Already booked onto the plastering and plumbing.  Lee Johnson from Nottinghamshire

What I liked about the college was: Friendly staff & tutors, enough space to work in, provision of all tools and materials needed, facilities.  The most interesting was practical – seeing and doing things for yourself.  The most useful were classroom activities to back it up and test knowledge.  Darren Sharp from Nantwich, Plumbing and heating course

The theory side was very useful, giving an excellent all round knowledge of plumbing and heating.  Excellent value for money.  Mat Dale from Manchester, Plumbing and Heating course

The most interesting/useful part of the training was the theory lesson aided by frequent practical hands on teaching.  Nice comfortable working environment & more importantly the standard you achieve.  K. Gaucham from Hampshire, Plumbing and heating course

Well set up and good working environment.  Kevin Sidebottom from Plymouth, Plumbing and heating course

Excellent instruction in a good environment.  Craig Dudley from Nottingham, Plumbing and heating course

I enjoyed the friendly staff, tutor knowledge, the tiling bays were improved rapidly after feedback from last course.  J Kirkham from Manchester, Plumbing and heating course

I enjoyed all of the course.  Very pleased with what I have learn’t on this course.  Johns experience and teaching skills are brilliant.  Thoroughly enjoyed & learnt a lot.  Alan Roberts from Liverpool, Tiling course

Friendly and helpful staff – good efficient admin.  The most interesting/useful parts of the course was the setting out and expert tips on achieving a good finish/fit.  S. Gagen from Oswestry.  Tiling course

All of the course was interesting to learn.  Good instruction, friendly and helpful staff.  Niki Dearing from Scunthorpe, Tiling Course

For me the whole course was interesting and useful and there wasn’t a day when I wasn’t still learning… The staff are friendly and helpful.  John Brotherston from Yorkshire, Plastering course

The best thing about this course was the realistic bays.  Each task was completed on walls and in a setting that you would encounter in a realistic environment…  Very helpful and knowledgable instructors and staff.  Donald Bowen from Germany, Plastering course

The most interesting part was the whole two weeks…  Good friendly environment.  Niki Dearing from Scunthorpe, Plastering course 

The most interesting/useful part of the course was being able to skim walls to a good standard.  Jason Whitehead from Nottingham, Plastering course

I liked the friendliness of the teachers and the positive encouragement I received.  A Howarth from Manchester, Plastering course

The most interesting/useful part of the course was learning different techniques associated with the trade and valuable skills that I will use in the real world.  What i really liked was the small classes, support throughout the course from tutors, excellent standard of materials and tools.  Lovely group of people to work around, great training facilities.  J Taylor from Birmingham, Plastering course

The while course has been beneficial.  Paul (tutor) has been absolutely brilliant.  His patient and amiable nature, together with his 40 years experience makes him an exceptional tutor.  He is perfectionist who is perfectionist who is enthusiastic in his subject.  Chris Doody from Birmingham, Plastering course

Friendly and helpful with the worlds amount of knowledge to pass onto eager students.  Trevor Bradley from Ireland,  Plumbing and heating course

Every part of the course was interesting and useful and I look forward to taking it further.  I liked the learning environment and staff.  Tutor gave out a positive approach to the subject and made it a pleasure to arrive to be taught each day.  Thank you for the time.  WIll be recommending to others.  Gareth Ryder from Yorkshire, Plumbing and heating course

The college is a friendly place focused on ensuring that the learner experience is enjoyable, understandable and transferable from the classroom to the workplace.  Although a novice in plumbing I did not feel at a disadvantage and the tutor was skilful in adapting his approach to accommodate the varying skill levels of his students.  This has been a tremendous experience.  the practical exercises have provided an excellent simulation of likely scenarios in the workplace and home.  The tutoring style is such that every student is encouraged to give it a go without worrying about getting it wrong and learning in a positive way through mistakes.  D Martin from Swindon , Plumbing and heating course

As a teacher in the road haulage industry I am familiar with various teaching techniques.  i thought that the tutor on this course excelled in every sense.  The planning, delivery, knowledge, materials were excellent.  Simon Hackney from Staffordshire, Plumbing and heating course

Learning was a pleasure and the tutors trade knowledge shone through.  Mr Pieter from Staffordshire, Tiling course

I just wanted to send you a thank you especially Alan Marshall who was our tutor!!!  I started a plumbing course on 10th December 2012 with very little experience or knowledge of plumbing and by the end of the course could plumb in a bathroom and fit a central heating system……without Alans considerable expert knowledge and teaching methods there is no way that I could have done this!!!!  So just a huge thank you to the college and in particular to Alan Marshall……  Wishing you a very Merry Xmas and a happy new year!  Regards  Chris Pryor from West Midlands, Plumbing Course

Enjoyed every aspect, loads of practical.  Mr Hill from West Midlands, Plastering course

Covering the setting out process was extremely useful and highlighted the importance of spending time early will save time later.  Friendly environment.  Mr Day from Northants, Tiling course

Great course, highly recommended.  i found it all interesting from day 1 and I like how much i have been taught in such a little time.  Mr Martin-Jones from Shropshire, Plumbing Course

Good communication – both tutors I came across were great to ‘work’ with, encouraging, helpful and critical (in a nice way) when necessary.  i would recommend this course.  Mr Orton from Birmingham , Plastering course

I found all of it useful and there was plenty of practice exercises and feedback off a well qualified tutor.  Mr Jones from Liverpool, Tiling Course

I have enjoyed my time here and would recommend to friends.  Mr Finney from Mancheter, Plastering course 

I liked the friendly and helpful environment and tutor taking time out to have 1:1 conversation.  Mr McCarthy from Derby, Plastering course 

The standard of instruction is excellent.  The college is well resourced and accommodating of student requirements.  Theory of various systems and hands on practical all very, very good.  Mr Stone from Reading, Plumbing course 

Excellent training environment for relevant trade training.  Mr Hailes from , Tiling course

Good tutors, good environment and good value for money.  John has been a good tutor in all areas of the tiling course.  Very satisfied with what he has taught me over the last two weeks.  Mr Hasford, Tiling course 

Friendly staff, good environment to work in.   With regards to the military side more awareness of the college as you were very hard to and the college is losing out on good quality customers.   Mr Richardson Plastering Course 

The high amount of practical work was very useful to me as it has allowed me to practice my technique.  The teaching is to a very high standard.  Mr Robinson, Plastering course 

Staff & teachers are friendly and for the past 4 weeks its been an honour attending this college.  Randy Haynes, Plumbing and Tiling Course

All of the course was intense, however all the practical sessions cement the knowledge learned in the classroom.  The ability to relate to the learner. I had to take a day off for an interview and the college facilitated this with no effect on my learning  Mr Davey, Plumbing course feedback 

Tutor extremely experienced with knowledge of all areas of plumbing conveys the teaching in a humorous but simple way that allstudents were able to understand.  Tutors should be congratulated on his dedication and teaching of the course.  Practical aspects are excellent.  Fault finding and basic maintenance and repair is very useful.  Mark Wagstaff, Plumbing course 

The standard of instruction is excellent.  The college is well resourced and accommodating of student requirements.  Theory of various systems and hands on practical all very, very good.  Nigel Stone, Plumbing course 

Tutor was very good and easy to talk to and also fitting in with me when I needed a day off and still feel like I have not missed anything.  Mr Hasford, Plumbing course

Friendly, helpful, brilliant.  Calvin Roper, Plumbing course

Very good course content well presented, excellent tutor.  Feel I have gained massive amounts of information and benefits from years of experience.  Mr Copper Plumbing course

I extremely liked the professionalism from start (enquiring about courses) to the end (actually attending and completing the plastering course).  All the staff are extremely friendly and very helpful.  Excellent environment to learn, train and work in.   The practical hands on experience is what I enjoyed the most as it allowed me to learn, understand and develop my plastering skill levels.  I would like to thank the college for delivering an excellent course and in particular Howard for being an extremely dedicated, approachable instructor who is outstanding at teaching all the elements of the course.  Thank you very much.  Paul Allison, Plastering course

I liked the tutors attitude, how he has said after our course how we can contact him if we require any advice.  Byron Poole, Tiling course

Excellent college, excellent process from the initial enquiry to completing the course.  The theoretical theory is good and the practical helps back up the theory.  Enjoyed all aspects of the course.  Excellent instructor, extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  Really enjoyable course throughout.  Thanks  Paul Allison, Plumbing course

Great time here friendly staff.  I have enjoyed learning new skills in plumbing and tiling.  A big thank you.  Allan Oakes, Plumbing and Tiling Course

Very good course content well presented, excellent tutor.  Feel I have gained massive amounts of information and benefits from years of experience.  Owain Cooper, Plumbing course 

I liked the college, The tutor, the atmosphere, everyone open and honest.  Mr Ashcroft, Tiling Course 

Good environment to work in.  Excellent facilities.  Excellent tutor.  Mr Brennan, Tiling Course 

Friendly, knowledgeable and helpful instructor. Top man! I enjoyed learning in a larger environment with proper obstacles and real room.  Being taught by a time served plasterer. You can’t pay enough for experience! Thanks for an enjoyable 10 days feel like I’ve learned a lot. Mr Ford, Plastering course 

I found knowing the techniques to use and the experience of the trainer who was able to give explanations of what to do in different circumstances the most useful.  Miss Lancastle, Plastering course 

Easy going.  All staff very helpful and forthcoming with constructive advice.  Practical plastering element.  You can instantly see progress throughout the course  Martin Davey, Plastering course 

Good learning environment with a whole range of skills. Learning the skill of plastering as a whole. Gained a massive amount of knowledge in a very short period of time. All my questions were answered in a positive way. Very happy with the skills I have been taught and in the way its been put across. Was impressed with the vast amount of skills and understanding we were taught in the time we had.  Mr Bradley, Plastering course 

Very good course content delivered to very high standard thank you.  Owain Cooper, Plastering course 

I think the instructor is fantastic and it has been great getting so much hands on with the equipment and practically learning the trade.  Michael Fanning, Plastering course 

Friendly informative staff. Good resources. Good value for money.  Mr Horton, Plastering Course 

Good working and learning environment.  Excellent professional instructors.  Well organised.  Friendly environment.  Julian Ponsford, Plastering course 

Staff friendly and helpful.  Tutoring is to a good standard and you leave here with a degree of confidence you can compete with other tradesmen.  Mr Davey, Plumbing course 

Small class sizes.  Excellent tutor with on the job experience and advice.  Small class sizes.   Mark Wagstaff, Tiling course 

The staff are extremely helpful and the instructors are very knowledgeable, professional and patient!  Training is conducted in a convivial good humoured environment.  Julian Ponsford, Plumbing course 

Tutors with excellent knowledge of the subject which isnt always the case at other centres.  Paul Tyrer, Plastering course 

Relaxed learning evnironment.  Excellent instruction and good facilities.   All apsects of the course were very useful and informative as I had never tiled before.  Julian Ponsford, Tiling course 

Good atmosphere.  Good learning environment.  Have fun while learning.  Most useful was Fitting a bathroom suite and  central heating. The whole course was a great insight.  Mr Houghton, Plumbing course 

The college learns you a lot for the money and the tutors are really good and helpful.  Mr Lee, Plumbing course

Great tutors and friendly atmosphere. A nice environment to learn in.  The heating and hot water side of it was of great use as I had never had any knowledge of that area. Also the maintenance was of great use.  Mr Broadhurst, Plumbing course 

I liked the location, price of course and having your own bay for working in.  Gaining the experience of working with bathrooms and y plan heating systems was useful.  Mr Burden, Plumbing course feedback 

Good value for money and excellent tutor. Definitely recommending to others.  Everything i’ve learnt I was interested in and I think this course has helped to improve my confidence in the career I choose.
Mr Bloy, Plumbing course

The level of teaching and knowledge of the tutors are excellent.   Excellent. Keep up the good work.

Mr North, Plumbing course 

My entire experience has been excellent from the first few minutes. The tutor (Howard) was excellent and as well as his excellent communication skills, superb knowledge and his very upbeat attitude to teaching. I would recommend this training facility to anyone. Gaining the required skills needed to plaster to a good standard and with the confidence to use the proper tools and materials, whist working to the correct set procedures. The friendly, welcoming atmosphere made the whole experience a pleasure and improved the entire process.  Mr Yates, Plastering Course

Best course yet and very helpful.  All of it  was useful it must be the one of the best courses I have attended in 22 years.  Thanks for a very enjoyable and worthwhile course.  Colin Richardson, Plastering course 

A very enjoyable experience from start to finish.  Brian Rogers, Plastering course 

Excellent instruction.  I did not expect to learn as much in a two week course.  Colin Richardson, Plumbing course 

Great environment, excellent tuition, flexible enough to accommodate different standards and learning styles. Excellent post course support offered.  Lots of practical work which is was the only way to improve. The course required a lot of material and it was good to see it freely available.  Great course and many thanks to Howard and Donna for her help.   Roger Pearson, Plastering course 

Informal approach to learning and covering all realistic situations commonly found in the work place.  Setting out of bathrooms was the most useful and the most enjoyable was working with mosaics.

Mr Rogers, Tiling Course 

Friendly atmosphere and loads of practical.  Mark Parr, Plastering course 

I have just completed the 2 week plumbing course under the guidance and tuition of Alan Marshall.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say how delighted I am with the quality of the course and the knowledge I have gained from it. I feel the main reason for this is without doubt the level of commitment shown by course tutor Alan Marshall. Alan has a depth of knowledge with all aspects of plumbing that is second to none. Nothing was too much trouble. If anyone on the course had any difficulties, Alan was always at hand to talk them through things and guide them along until they understood.  Upon completion of the various modules in the course, it was extremely rewarding to stand back and appreciate that I myself had actually done the work. Something I would not have believed possible before the course.  Please pass on my kindest regards and huge thanks to Alan for all his help and expert tuition.  Many thanks also to yourself for assisting me when booking on this course, and also to David Hare for arranging these courses. I have every intention of broadening my skills further by attending a plastering course & electrical course in the near future. Maybe even the tilting course !  Sincerely, Bryn Willetts, Plumbing course 

The course was extremely well taught and all demonstrations allowed me to understand the theory which had been taught during an excellent course.  Edward Rooke, Plumbing course 

Instructors are outstanding and very helpful.  Mark Parr, Tiling course 

Instructors are experienced and knowledgable.  Steve did well to get quite a lot of information across and balance it with the practical side; this helped sustain concentration and interest.  Roger Pearson, Plumbing course 

Friendly environment and good tutors.  Mr Caldwell, Tiling Course 

It’s a very relaxed atmosphere which makes it easy to work in.   The majority of the course was an eye opener into tiling and how difficult it is. I learnt something new everyday and im now confident tiling.  Mr Chadwick Tiling Course

Professional and friendly service. Tutor had great knowledge and approachable.  Mr Konieczny Tiling Course 

Friendly learning environment with so much information about the trade compressed into the 2 weeks.   The amount of knowledge and skills I have learnt within the 2 weeks gives me the confidence to go and do tiling jobs.  Mr Sherwin Tiling Course 

I enjoyed learning a new trade and understanding the work involved. Gaining advice from experienced tutors.  Miss Dargan, Plastering Course 

David,  I finished the five day plastering course at the Willenhall centre on the 10th of February.  Although I did complete the post course paperwork I feel that the instructor involved with the tuition deserves a pat on the back.  I am currently employed as an instructor at RAF Cosford teaching mainly theory type subjects, I realise that when a student is given a course critique it is very easy to concentrate on the negatives and forget any good things.  However, I must complement Rob Jones on a very well delivered week of instruction.   The pace of the days were such that there was plenty of time to put into practice the skills and techniques demonstrated by Rob, everyone involved in the week were at varying levels of competency, yet he was able to constantly jump around the group and advise or correct each individuals mistakes.   The demonstrations were well delivered without being too complicated and he always had an approachable manner, I have been instructing for six years now and was very impressed with the enthusiasm Rob showed towards the subject and the delivery of it.  I would appreciate it if you could relay my comments to all concerned and especially to Rob. Thanks G Owen, Sgt instructor

I have just finished off today the two weeks plumbing training course at your wolverhampton centre, I just wanted to let you know this has been far most the best plumbing training course I have ever attended, Very high training standards and value for money.  The tutor Alan Marshall is not just a master of the plumbing trade he is also a phenomenon tutor, he makes learning fun, and the way he portrays his teaching is out of this world, Alan Marshall is not just a Master Plumber he is a Master Tutor, He goes the extra mile to ensure the student has fully understood the full process of plumbing, and ensures each and every student gets individual attention. The amount of plumbing knowledge I have gained with in this two weeks is amazing, I can only only Thank Alan for this .This gentleman is a credit to your company.  I am so pleased with the way I have been trained as a student, I will be looking to booking further courses with your training centre in the very near future, as I have attended colleges in the past and you do not even get the attention or training I have received from your training centre.  Once again I would like to personally thank Alan Marshall (master plumbing tutor) for all what he has done for me.  Kind regards  Shaun Yaqub, Plumbing Course

It is clear that feedback plays an important role in monitoring and evaluating services and I reviewed a large number of feedback questionnaires and analyses which confirmed that you collect feedback and all showed high levels of satisfaction.  Extract from Matrix Assessment Report

I understand how water and heating systems work. The problem solving has been very useful. The tutor had the time to go over things with you if needed and explained things very well. He made the whole course very enjoyable.  Annie Phillips, Plumbing Course

The course was well planned out and very interesting. I gained the skills and confidence to plaster.  Mr Coomer, Plastering Course

I feel that I have learned a valuable new skill which will help me in my own home. I will recommend this course because it has really increased my confidence and I have enjoyed myself.  Ms Beckett-Davies, Plastering Course

I am fully confident in my skills since starting from scratch – the course was well instructed and 100% hands on. It was a great course and would definitely recommend it to others and would do another course in another area e.g. bricklaying.  Mr Fairs, Plastering Course

Thought the tutor was very approachable and knowledgeable about the subject taught. Very helpful in overcoming problems and building confidence. Found the course very enjoyable and will miss it now I’ve finished.  Sheila Nunn, Plastering Course

Before the course I had no positive thought that I would be able to plaster to a ‘reasonable’ standard. I feel that I can now achieve my goal of plastering my property confidently.  Mr Cartwright, Plastering course

Good coverage of all aspects of basic plastering. I could not believe that after 5 days I can skim a wall, skim a ceiling and make good holes, to a high standard.  Mr Williamson, Plastering Course

My whole house requires plastering after completing this course, I feel very confident to plaster my house to a good standard.  Very experienced tutor who puts things across so they are easy to understand.  Whenever you have a question or need him to check anything he was always available.  Excellent course, didn’t think I would be able to plaster but now I feel very confident.  Mr Toft, Plastering course

Having 2 kitchen studios it was very valuable in fully understanding the plastering jobs we undertake on a weekly basis. I did not think at the start of the week I could get plaster on the walls, never mind plaster a room. Thank you to the tutor for a very enjoyable and informative week.  Mr Jones, Plastering Course

I learned a lot in one week – it’s amazing what you can achieve having the right help. All tools were provided with plenty of them so no need to share. You also had your own tools to take away with you. The info which the tutor told was clear and helpful. I think the course was very good in every way. The layout of the place was excellent, tutors are polite and always on hand to help. I would attend another course knowing what you achieve.  Mr Beardmore, Plastering Course

I found this course to be just what I needed to obtain these skills very helpful for my needs. The tutor never stopped teaching and advising all week – very good. I couldn’t fault this course. It is very good in my estimation. Thank you.  Mr Colclough, Plastering Course

I’m a person with low confidence and after attending grew in confidence and feel much better in myself. I will definitely recommend this course to others.  Mr Bromfield, Plastering Course

First rate course, I have learnt to plaster. Everyday was a full day of excellent content. Would definitely recommend the course, it was excellent. Well worth the money  Mr G Whittaker, Plastering Course

An excellent course that was very valuable. Very good in depth training and good teachers. I would definitely recommend it.  Mr Hallam, Plastering Course

The course has given me the confidence to tackle plastering jobs both at home and for family and friends. Learned so much in a short period of time. Pace of the course was excellent. Excellent course with a brilliant tutor throughout. Would recommend to others.  Mr Lee, Plastering Course

Cannot fault the tutor – outstanding knowledge. The course exceeded my expectations – I thought it was a gimmick on the net and in the paper but turned out to be well worth it.  Mr Jootton,  Plastering Course

Learned an unbelievable amount in 2 weeks. 2 weeks was perfect – got all the basics. Week 2 put it all together.  Mr Woolloff, Plastering Course

An invaluable course to DIY or anyone wanting go into their own business. Great course, excellent instructor.  Mr Hopkin, Plastering Course

The course was well structured and aimed at the right level for the complete novice. The time was just right and I gained a vast amount of hands on knowledge in just 5 days. I will definitely recommend this course – well planned.  Mr Hutchinson, Plastering Course

Having watched someone else doing plastering the wrong way, the course taught me how to actually properly do the job. The tutor had full knowledge and some tricks of the trade.  Mr Parkinson, Plastering Course

The course considerably increased my understanding of the subject – I’ve been doing it wrong for 30 years! I am pleased with my progression. The theory and practice come together very well.  Mr James, Plastering Course

Good class group. I feel confident and my plumbing knowledge has improved. Good course  Ms Bradshaw, Plumbing Course

This course was a valuable investment of my time because I know nothing about plumbing and I prefer to learn in a practical way. The course content was excellent for the basic plumbing – the course covered all you need to know. I have looked into quite a few courses which all seemed expensive or theory orientated.  Mr Halvey,  Plumbing Course

I could complete the required tasks without being rushed. Very informative. I feel confident to complete a plumbing job because I’ve taught the right way to it with greater ease. I will definitely recommend this course to others.  Mr Newbon, Plumbing Course

The course taught me the basics of plumbing. I am confident to do these skills at home and for friends. The tutor is a credit to Construction Skills College Ltd. He is a very friendly man who always checked on you and helped you. I will recommend the plumbing course, especially because of the price it costs now for a professional.  Mr Scarratt, Plumbing Course

Very good course. I’ve been taught a lot in one week. Very good investment. Very good instruction. If you wanted to know something, nothing was too much trouble for the instructor. Highly recommendable  Mr Wilkes, Plumbing Course

I found the course to by really good, picking up a lot of useful tips and ideas. I didn’t know anything about plumbing before this course so my understanding has been increased considerably. I feel a lot more confident now after attending the course.  Mr Brayford, Plumbing Course

I found the course very helpful. There were a lot of areas covered and I was pleased with the helpfulness of the tutor we had. We were kept busy at all times. The course is hands on so it’s good experience actually doing it rather than just reading about it.  Mr Sheldon, Plumbing Course

I learned how to fit a bathroom, bend pipes, solder and use speed fit. If anybody was interested in plumbing I would advise them to come to this course.  Mr Wemyss, Plumbing Course

I found the course spot on. As somebody who questions everything, and having to be shown things at least twice, I came out of the course knowing enough to give me confidence. I like the fact we were allowed to make mistakes therefore important facts were firmly pushed home.  Mr James, Plumbing Course

Plumbing is something I’ve never done before and will use it to expand my business. Any questions or instructions were given clearly and the tutor always took his time to make sure I would understand. I had no idea what to expect but the course covered more than I thought.  Mr Jones, Plumbing Course

I looked at fitting a bathroom suite at home and also some friends have asked me to do theirs so now I have a good understanding of the basic skills. I enjoyed the entire course. It was worth the cost.  Mr Green, Plumbing Course

I have gained a good knowledge of plumbing. From not knowing anything about plumbing to being able to fit a bathroom suite is a considerable increase of my understanding of the subject. The tutor was around to help if we needed it. The course is well worth attending even if just doing your own domestic plumbing. I have really enjoyed this course and I would recommend it to anyone.  Mr McMullen, Plumbing Course

I learned new skills and will help in my current role at work. Every day problems can be solved easily without the need of calling professionals. The course was in depth and I have every confidence doing everything we covered.  Mr Dyas, Plumbing Course

Every minute of the week was filled with activities / information – so much information provided therefore I am confident to do a tiling job.The level of knowledge of the course tutor was excellent, he was very approachable and very good at explaining clearly and concisely, very patient and encouraging, he was constantly walking about watching, supporting as we worked.  I would definitely recommend this course to others – very thorough, rewarding and a relaxed atmosphere.  Mrs Cheeseman,  Wall and Floor Tiling Course

Having attended many courses throughout my working life I feel this is the best one I have attended.  Mr Martin,  Wall and Floor Tiling Course

The methods that this course has shown are priceless and the tutor was very helpful, polite and patient. The course content was excellent because during the week it broke down all the vital aspects concerning wall and floor tiling. I feel more confident because I was mainly worried about setting up and this course has shown me excellent ways and methods to do this. I’ve already recommended the course because I think it’s a brilliant training centre and I will be coming back myself.  Mr Hyams, Tiling Course

The course was very informative and enjoyable. The tutor made it very easy to understand and explained things superbly. Well worth attending. The methods taught were excellent. Knowing the techniques required to do this job is vital to success and I now feel well prepared to take this forward. I would thoroughly endorse the course.  Mr Flanagan, Tiling Course

You can learn more than the basics and get to down to tiling quickly. The methods used are easy to apply. Before this course I had never tiled before and now I have seen what I am capable of. I k now people who are out of work and want to learn a trade and this is better than college. I didn’t think I would be able to produce what I have just after a week.  Mr Pickerill, Tiling Course

Excellent training – before the course I had never put a tile on a wall or floor and I’m now confident of tiling to a high standard.  Mr Murray, Tiling Course

Went into deep detail which was easy to understand. Thank you for teaching me a fine art. The tutor is excellent and I have enjoyed the course immensely.  Mr Meir, Tiling Course

The course was a very valuable investment of my time because I actually hope to this professionally. The course content was excellent as it was mostly hands on – not classroom based. The tutor did not mind how many times you asked the same question – he always made sure that you understood. I would recommend this course because it is so hands on – you get to do everything yourself – hardly any classroom training. I would consider other courses with this training company.  Ms Fergusson, Tiling Course

I now feel very confident in all aspects of doing wall and floor tiling. Each day was well planned and totally hands on. It covered all the basics in a very professional manner. You tell the tutor was a time served tradesman with many years of practical experience under his belt. I will definitely recommend it, it must be the best tiling course around.  Mr Whittaker, Tiling Course

All aspects of tiling was covered, I learnt a trade in a week which speaks for itself. Nothing was ever too much trouble to explain again for the tutor. I feel as confident as I could without achieving true life experience  Mr Sherratt, Tilling Course

The course was very useful and I will tile my own house, my mum’s and aunt’s. I will get the money back tenfold. Everything we threw at the tutor, he knew. The best £400 you’ll ever spend. It is a good course because the tutor made it excellent and an enjoyable time.  Mr Ismail, Tiling Course

The course taught me the correct ways of setting up to complete jobs successfully and with confidence. From the first day the tutor made us feel relaxed with him and the work we would be carrying out. He never loses his cool which is of utmost importance in keeping the team spirit. Thanks to all involved, I’ll be back!  Mr Vorrias, Tiling Course

I have really enjoyed the course and would recommend it to both male and female friends. I never expected to achieve as much as I have.  Ms Rollings, Tiling Course

Everything was explained fully and anything I wasn’t sure about was explained again. Good value for money and fantastic place in general to learn.  Mr Rhodes, Tiling Course

Very informative and the tutor was very good. I feel a lot more confident than I ever thought I would. I would recommend this course to my friends. Very good, didn’t expect to learn as much as I did.  Mr Pugh, Tiling Course

I have learned a lot and I am coming back to do another course hopefully. I came in with no knowledge and I can walk away very confident that I can pursue this as a career and I would like to. The tutor always had the right answer and made it easy to understand the reasons for it.  Mr Carroll, Tiling Course

I’ve done DIY tiling jobs previous to coming on the course but after listening to the tutor on how to set out and mark it, it’s so much easier. The course covers every aspect of tiling, the hiccups you encounter and how to cope with correcting them. Good value for money, very helpful, puts you at ease. I’m looking forward to completing other course. I am going to.  Mr Grand, Tiling Course

Good skills learned, how to use tools, what tools to use, what to do when we hit a problem. I didn’t know about tiling but feel quite happy to tackle a tiling job. Excellent tutor – gave different outcomes to different situations. I enjoyed the week and am looking forward to next week on the Plumbing Course.  Mr Edwards, Tiling Course

I have enjoyed the course and the tutor was excellent. It was a small group and the tutor had time for each person. The course was very good and I’ll definitely recommend it.  Mr Charlesworth, Tiling Course

Gives you a very good understanding of the principles and practical side of tiling. I didn’t feel as though I was rushed to do anything or waiting around for something to do.  Mrs Beckett-Davies, Tiling Course

I feel have taken on board more than I expected. I will walk away feeling confident to do anything I have learned on this course. I already have recommended this course  Mr McMonagle, Tiling Course

Hi Dave & Donna,

I would be grateful if you could pass this on / share with Howard (I only have a telephone number for him, and wanted him to see the piccie!)

I attended the 10 day tiling course at CSC back in August, and have just put my new found skills to the test and completed the wall tiles for a friends shower room (attached piccie – not yet grouted). As you can tell, I am pretty proud of myself! hehe! I couldn’t fit the whole bathroom in the photo, but to the right of the white cupboard is a sink with a single tap … which is centered!!!

The course that I attended was really excellent. Howard was a very thorough tutor, and immensely patient with me … despite my 101 questions, and him probably having to repeat ‘datum lines’ 10 times!! I was working on this job with my friend who is a plumber (who hasn’t ever done tiling) … and she (and I) couldn’t believe how much I’d learnt … I was reeling off the tips! ha!

Anyway, thanks once again for a brilliant course, and Howard for being a fantastic tutor.

Best wishes.  Laura Swanston

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